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>Software: ,Old Rippers City,One Exit,Orange Slicer,Oleg,One Against Five Hundred , More than 50000 freeware software, shareware, software listed and growing......




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New Listed Software

Old Rippers City
Shareware/Freeware software description: The Rippers looked terrible in daylight. The feeling of hunger drove them to warm blood. Your warm blood. But it is not all that bad. And a lot of weapons and ammunition is a good chance to emerge victorious in this battle. (..more)
One Exit
Shareware/Freeware software description: One Exit - An exciting puzzle game in which you have to go through several rather difficult levels, remember there is only one way out. (..more)
Orange Slicer
Shareware/Freeware software description: An addictive game that will remind you of the days when you played one good mobile game. Now you can refresh your memories with Orange Slicer ! Interesting gameplay and a competitive element in the form of the number of sliced ??oranges will not let you leave the game quickly, and 11 beautiful and pleasant compositions will definitely not let you leave ahead of time without having tasted such a pleasant nostalgic taste of slicing fruit with a ka (..more)
Shareware/Freeware software description: Oleg is a simple guy, just like you and me. But a difficult childhood made him look at the world differently. As you play, it is you who will decide how his life ends. You will have to make difficult choices, deceive and run away from the police, undergo interrogation. Or is it possible to drop everything and surrender to the police? You decide. (..more)
One Against Five Hundred
Shareware/Freeware software description: Special Forces soldier Mark was on duty at the base. It was getting dark, suddenly there was a loud crack, the soldier left the building and began to look around, two fantastic ships appeared from above. What is it? There is no time to figure it out, death is already walking around him. We need to destroy five hundred monsters! (..more)


Updated Software

Ovulation Calendar
Shareware/Freeware software description: Ovulation Calendar is a handy program that calculates the time of ovulation and creates your personal fertility calendar, allowing you to choose the gender of your future baby. Ovulation Calendar calculates the probability of conception based on your ovulation time and other factors such as lifespan of the egg and sperm; and shows you the days that are most promising for conception. (..more)
OnLAN Messenger
Shareware/Freeware software description: OnLAN Messenger messaging service is a client-server multi-user application for instant messaging and file exchange (instant messenger). This product has been developed for using within corporate networks (enterprise instant messenger), therefore its functions and settings are primarily meant for handling the needs of organizations of all sizes, providing a safe and configurable tool for instant messaging and receiving necessary user information. (..more)
Opulent Font Type1
Shareware/Freeware software description: Humanist sans serif font with a calligraphic look. Like Optima. A warm elegant typeface whose curves are soothing to the eye. An all purpose design, great for posters, advertising, packaging, signs, and medium length text. Accurate and hinted, matching font metrics, standard character set, kerning pairs. Professional print quality for inkjet, laser, typesetter to 3500 dpi. Contrains 1 trial font. (..more)
OggSync for Outlook: Google Calendar Sync Add-in
Shareware/Freeware software description: Introducing the brand new OggSync Google Calendar Sync for Outlook to sync Multiple Google Calendars Now you can take charge of ALL aspects of your life while at the same time keeping them separate! Combined with the power of Google Calendar, OggSync for Outlook and OggSync for Mobile allows you to share information with those who need to see it while at the same time giving you a full unified view of your scheduled life! (..more)
Ovulations Fertility Dates Calculator
Shareware/Freeware software description: Pregnancy Calculator and Safe Period Dates Calendar software helps in determining menstrual dates as well as high ovulation fertility days to getting pregnancy naturally. Fertility charting tool using advance system to monitor your high fertility cycles to conceive baby and achieve pregnancy. Software has advance feature to regularly calculate weekly growth of baby and secure and personalize your personal reports with barcode protection feature. (..more)

Software News

WinNc, filemanager for Windows 10
WinNc has been developed for Windows 10 with two things in mind: speed and flexibility!
Network LookOut Administrator Pro 4.8.4 is Released
Network LookOut Administrator Pro allows you to see live screens of remote computers. This way, you can watch what users are doing on the remote computer. announces an update for their Native Barcode Generator for FileMaker Pro. announces an update of their Native Barcode Generator for FileMaker.
Easy tool to resize (reduce or enlarge) any single or batches of photos.
Quick and easy tool to resize any single or batches of photos (images) for the purpose of sending it by email, publish it on the web or just to save space.
New System Mechanic 21.3 Offers New Ways to Secure, Speed up and Simplify Your Digital Life
iolo System Mechanic? 21.3 speeds up and secures all your PCs, the networked devices in your home, and your online passwords and credit cards.


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